About Us


To be a church where God’s children can meet and experience the presence of God.

To be empowered to be a witness for God, learning of God through the teaching and understanding of His word.

To be a church prepared for Christ’s return and to know and understand our purpose for existing.

A Church that demonstrates our love for God through our relationship with others.

  • Committed to making a difference in the lives of others through prayer, edification and encouragement
  • Remaining focused to our Ministry Call and not creating a show for others to see
  • Demonstrating a willingness to go above and beyond what is expected by giving our all in service and love
  • Trusting in the faithfulness of our God

A church that creates an atmosphere that invites the Spirit of the Lord (sincere praise and worship).

  • Coming together on one accord
  • Praying and interceding for one another
  • Believing we can get God’s favor through the steps of Faith we take
  • Making our lives a process of continually seeking God through walking in obedience to His Word

Not willing to accept anything less than his Glory filling the temple.  Our dependency must be completely upon the Lord, not the man.

  • Our gathering together is for a divine purpose
  • This is the place where we receive through Revelation, learn through Explanation, and put into operation through Demonstration
  • Destiny lies within the continual consecration of our vessels, for we are the Body of Christ

What can we expect?

Victory over all the works of the enemy.

The people of God living a life, which illustrates the faithfulness of God (God Chasers).   

A Church changing a generation.

Our Purpose

No greater love could ever have been displayed than the love displayed toward us when Jesus gave up His life. He gave up everything just to serve and bless others. Let this forever be the picture that comes to mind when you serve. You have been called by The Most High God to serve His people. Let the passion He has placed in your heart drive you forward into eternity knowing there can be no greater love than to lay down ones life for a friend. Let the people of God be your friend and serve them well.